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Can we Reduce Waiting Lists?

The solution focused techniques that we use come from a therapy background and have been developed over the last forty years so that they help in all situations. We like nothing more than to apply our skills to health departments who are under pressure to deliver a perfect service to an ever growing need in their communities.

Taking one example of our work, we have been working with a CAMHS department in our area for over a year now to help them to reduce their waiting times and waiting lists and the impact is starting to be felt with real and anecdotal results.

Following a relatively simple project, we have embedded Solution Focused Practice in a small clinical team and the differences that we are noticing are already excellent. They include:

• More patients being discharged
• Less meetings with patients before discharge
• Meetings scheduled for one hour taking 30-40 minutes instead

The “shorter and less meetings” is a principle of our practice – not one more meeting than is necessary. The clinicians have found that they now have time to do the paperwork and to administer the patient’s needs in the hour allocated, saving them considerable amounts of time.

The project manager commented recently that she has noticed that the atmosphere in her department is now calmer and more focused, and the team are gaining confidence every day.

If you would like to see if we can help you reduce waiting lists and waiting times, please get in touch.


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