Business Growth Consultants

If you are stuck and need some help, the Business Services Leeds team, professional business growth consultants, are the perfect partners to call.

We have helped numerous people in organisations of all sizes. For example we have helped:

• Charities to work productively together and to generate sustainable revenues
• Health Service departments to reduce their waiting lists and waiting times
• Housing Associations to help their residents to start businesses and create employment
• Local Authorities to deliver economic growth in their communities
• Private Companies to grow sales, save money, and work more efficiently
• To solve problems and find solutions quickly and efficiently for hundreds of people

Our website contains details of all of these achievements, or please contact us to find out more about how we have delivered help to our clients.

The practical techniques that we use are drawn from Solution Focused Practice (SFP) which is very effective in the following situations:

• Managing people
• Team development
• Meeting facilitation
• Project planning
• Business planning
• Business growth
• Problem solving
• Revenue raising
• Time management

If any of these is an area you would like to explore, we are happy to help.

At Business Services Leeds Ltd, we like to work with our clients in a flexible and collaborative way. We always start with a coffee where we explore your organisation with you, and if there is a way we can help, we will discuss exactly what you need. We don’t offer long term contracts – we will only work with you while our input is needed, and not one meeting more.

If that sounds interesting, then please call on 0113 345 8445, or call our telephone coaching helpline on 0330 052 6224 to book an appointment for telephone coaching with the Conundrum Coaching team. We look forward to helping you to get unstuck and to make progress.