Housing Associations

Building Capability in Communities

The role of the Social Landlord and Housing Association has changed over the years to be the provider of many more services than simply housing and shelter. This admirable attitude to caring for the whole person has been impacted by recent budget cuts, and so the challenge is to be able to achieve the same levels of support (or sometimes more) with less resource. We are in a privileged position to be able to help with this.

Solution Focused Practice works in so many ways to assist wherever there is a need for help, and in particular where people are stuck. If your colleagues are regularly challenged with problems in the community, and also with suggestions about what you can do about them, then SFP will help your team to manage these situations in a capability building and constructive way.

We have applied SFP to many aspects of community relations including:

• Running great public meetings
• Helping with the handling of inbound queries
• Developing care and support for the elderly and infirm
• Stimulating local economies with Enterprise Coaching

Our programmes offer excellent support for colleagues that will help them to grow in confidence, and the great news is that SFP works alongside any programmes you have already implemented such as Lean Management of Systems Thinking. Simply, if your customers ever get stuck, we can provide the tools to your team to help their customers get unstuck and to make progress.

Every community is different, so if your need is to build capability amongst your residents so that they can make more progress on their own with ever reducing support from you, we would love to have a discussion to see if we can help.