Business Coach

Business Coach

Good Reasons for engaging with a Business Coach

In one way or another, we all work within organisations.  This is obvious if you are one of many co-workers, and also true if you are a sole trader with a network of customers, associates and suppliers.  To help focus on the thing we do best and around which we build our career or business, we often enlist the services of colleagues and professionals.  Where they give technical expertise, you can act on their advice knowing it will be helpful.  However, what happens when they offer their opinions?  Do you act on them?  Ignore them?  If you are seeking (or receiving) opinions or advice, now is the time to engage a business coach.

A good business coach will help you to work out how you can make progress on your own terms.  This is a process, and skilled business coaches spend years practising and honing their techniques so that the conversations seem relaxed and effortless.  The process will usually involve first establishing your goals, both long and short term.  A really effective business coach will explore your goals to ensure that their realisation will actually deliver the differences you seek.  This is very helpful at the start of a journey and can save considerable time and money.  Having established how things will be different, a quality business coach will help you find the resources that you have already that are contributing to how you would like things to be.  This builds confidence and capability, especially in team situations.  Then, and only then, will a business coach help you to work out the next small steps, creating an implementable Action Plan.

Follow up meetings and reviews will adopt a similar format, recognising that change is happening all the time, and so your journey is seldom linear from A to B.  A good business coach will help you to navigate your way past barriers and obstacles and will save you time and money in the process.  As a bonus, you will find the process a lot less stressful than doing it yourself, and you will always have someone you can sense-check with when you receive help and advice from someone else.

In summary, if you wish to save time and money and make more rapid and effective progress, have a conversation with a Business Coach today.