Over the Telephone

Conundrum Coaching

Many people would benefit from a little bit of help, and with Conundrum Coaching, we have developed a service offering Solution Focused conversations over the phone. If you are stuck, or know anyone else who is stuck, we can help.

For example, if you are a middle manager in an organisation with a conundrum, who are you able to talk to? You could talk to your boss, however they might expect you to come with the answers. You could talk to your peers, although they may not be the best people to consult. You could talk to your team, though you might lost some credibility. And of course we all know that HR’s door is always open… and everything you say there is confidential…

Alternatively, call 0330 052 6224 and make an appointment to speak with one of our SF Coaches.

They can help with all sorts of matters from the personal to the professional, and you are only charged for the length of the call. Full terms and conditions can be found at www.conundrumcoaching.co.uk

We are also happy to offer this service as part of our support for projects within organisations. We will often work with one small part of an organisation, however there will be many more who need help, so Conundrum Coaching can be part of our overall package of support.