Enterprise Coaching

At Business Services Leeds Ltd we are passionate about helping people to start businesses and to grow businesses.  To this end, we deliver community-based enterprise coaching projects in social housing communities.  Our projects have a track record of delivering fantastic results in local communities in the areas of self-employment and employment.  The people we help usually work for Housing Associations and Social Landlords.  These organisations are often helping their clients with their businesses already – we simply make these programmes even more effective, with fantastic results for the programme sponsor.

During our time supporting the 10 coaches on the Bradford Kickstart project, we delivered the following outcomes over a 33 month period:

  • Businesses Created = 247
  • 12 month survival rate is between 74% and 87%
  • SMEs assisted (12 hours plus) = 208
  • Jobs Created = 357
  • Jobs Safeguarded = 68
  • Increase in GVA = £763,357

These outcomes were ratified by the project funders, the European Regional Development Fund, and they represent the tip of the iceberg of the actual impact across the whole city.

In addition to community enterprise coaching, Business Services Leeds Ltd has assembled a network of funding opportunities which will provide business support to help you to develop your business from start up through to high growth.  With the generous support of our partners, we specialise in helping companies and enterprises in Leeds.  If we can’t provide the support ourselves, we will try to help you to find it through our active business network in Leeds and beyond.  There are programmes available to help with business growth, skills training, and capital investment.  To find out if you are eligible, please contact us so we can discuss your needs.

We are always happy to hear from people who need some help. Please contact Business Services Leeds Ltd and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.