We all know that networking is a way of generating business, however, most people go about networking in entirely the wrong way. Attempting to sell to your network is hard work, and many believe it relies as much on “right place, right time” luck as to any skills you bring as a provider. If you would like to learn a productive approach to networking, we can help.

We train people to network on the principles of:

  • Developing a large network of people you know and trust;
  • Keeping in touch with them regularly;
  • Learning the great stories of how they have helped people;
  • Using these stories to find an opportunity for your network.

This helpful approach enables you to flip the script – instead of spending all your time selling yourself, you spend time finding an opportunity for your network. The larger the network, and the more you are helping them, the more people will be helping you. Networking is a 2-way street and we can help you to start worthwhile conversations that will lead to lifelong business details and business relationships.

Not only do we train this method, we also live and breathe it. You can experience it for yourself by visiting one of the networking events we participate in as proud members of BNI, the world’s largest referral generating organisation. Our approach combines BNI with SFP, and produces excellent results!