Solution Focused Practice Training

Building on the Coaching Skills Training, we train our clients in Solution Focused Practice. SFP applies to all change management situations, and is a fantastic set of skills for individuals and teams. We also train SFP with specific applications in mind. Recent commissions have included:

  • Training Mental Health Managers and Clinical Professionals so that they could improve their outcomes for their patients;
  • Training Project and Support Workers who help people with Autism so that they could help their members make progress on their own terms;
  • Training entrepreneurs to improve their referral generation strategy through applying SFP to their own products and services.

SFP applies to team situations and is an approach that delivers real change while reducing conflict. Organisational applications include:

  • Facilitation
  • Project Management
  • Appraisals and Supervision
  • Goal Setting
  • Team Management
  • Change Management

Embedding SFP in your organisation will deliver time saving, money saving and revenue generation opportunities. We are always happy to discuss your specific needs to see if SFP will be useful.