Solution Focused Training

Whilst most people would describe themselves as Solution Focused, many are unaware that there is a well developed set of conversational tools called Solution Focused Practice (SFP).  In organisations, Solution Focused Practice helps people make progress, particularly when they are stuck.  Applications include:

  • Turning goals and strategies into deliverable action plans;
  • Working with people individually and in teams;
  • Facilitating meetings
  • Project management
  • Simplifying change projects
  • Motivation, and confidence building

…plus numerous others.

Whenever Solution Focused Training is described, it sounds like a dose of common sense.  In many respects it can be, however, the language used is very precise, and while it sounds simple, it is certainly not easy to practice consistently well.

Here are some fundamental principles of Solution Focused Practice.

  1. Find what works and do more of it;
  2. If something isn’t working, stop doing it;
  3. If something isn’t broken, don’t try to fix it, but do maintain it.

Let’s start with number 2.  Have you recently spent a lot of time analysing a problem in the hope that you will, therefore, find a solution?  I am sorry to report that in most cases, problem analysis leads to a well-defined problem.  If you would like things to be a certain way, what would you notice if they were that way?  Have you noticed these things happening now or in the past?  If so, what was happening then, and can we do more of that?  A simple, concise approach that leads to more of what you want.

Once you have had Solution Focused Training, you will find numerous applications and occasions when a short conversation can be immensely useful simply by taking the principles outlined above.

There are many excellent trainers in Solution Focused Practice up and down the UK, and across the world.  Contact us for more details, or to be put in touch with people who can help.