Support for Charities

Charity Consultants in Leeds

We are passionate about helping charities to work effectively for the benefit of their service users and partners, and to this end, as Charity Consultants in Leeds, we support charities in a number of ways.

• For most charities the important factor determining their ability to help their service users is funding. We have developed a set of techniques that help charities to find sustainable funding revenues, helping to reduce the need for grants, and leading to long term security.
• We also help charities to work out how they help their service users most effectively. This helps to ensure that the service users get the help they need, while the charity makes the most of their available resources.
• From time to time, we help charities where there is a level of disagreement about the direction of travel. This can be at board level, or sometimes between the board and the charity management. Wherever the tensions exist, our techniques resolve these in a painless and productive way.

We have worked with many charities on many issues, not just the ones itemised above. If you are reading this and you are disappointed that we don’t offer grants or help with funding applications, then you should definitely give us a call. We work with our clients so that their dependence on grant funding is reduced, resulting in the following clear benefits:

• Long term security to provide your services and help service users
• Security of employment for staff
• Greater control over the services you provide, reducing the need to change to meet the needs of funding bodies
• Greater confidence amongst colleagues
• More harmonious and productive working relationships

We are proud of our track record of helping charities, and our services are fully flexible. Whatever it is you need help with, contact us and we will be happy to see if we are the right partners to meet your needs.