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Flexicoach Flexible Business Support

Our FlexiCoach flexible business support programme is unique as it is designed to make you money, not us.

Most business support programmes value their time, and seek lengthy arrangements where you pay for their time over a long period. Who benefits from that? The coach of course.

Let me ask you a question. Would you like to achieve your goal in one month after two meetings, or in 10 months after 20 meetings? If I can help you achieve your goal nine months’ ahead of schedule, you would pay me more, right? I have confidence I can help you in a fraction of the time of more structured programmes where the coach is the expert. And no, I don’t charge the same!

Our FlexiCoach packages consist of six meeting blocks. These are available to you when you want them – it is always up to you to book them in. Between meetings, telephone and email support is available. Our fees increase with the size and development of your organisation, so a pre-start sloe trader pays less than an established large employer. And if you would like to pay the fees over 12 months, no problem – and we start working before we have taken the first payment. By the way, we have no terms and conditions for this so you can walk away anytime. We do reserve the right to be selective about the people we work with though!

The FlexiCoach flexible business support service has helped people in all sectors, and we guarantee you will identify the return on your investment before we even start working together, and then we will spend time building capability so the differences you realise are sustainable in the long term. And no, we won’t be looking at your utility bills…


"Andrew has an amazing ability to recognize the experience level of the person he is providing services for. This enables him to confidently and effectively deliver information still ensuring that the other party fully understands every step of the way. I find Andrew a great pleasure to work with and regard him more as a colleague than a supplier as he becomes part of our business whenever he is working with us. I highly recommend Andrew for anyone who requires business advice or coaching."

David Cockerham