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Starting a Business

There is an army of people out there making the process of starting a business difficult. You will recognise them. They consider it important that every new business start-up has a 50 page business plan. They see the solo entrepreneur as a way for them to make money "helping" with the many complex needs that they will tell you are needed. Well, of you have read any other pages on this website, you will know by now that we take an alternative view!

We are experts in helping people start businesses. Indeed, we have trained others to run projects in some of the most deprived communities where local people are helped to start businesses, and over 90% of the new business start-ups are still trading after 12 months! Suffice to say, we know what works.

With every client seeking to start a new business, we spend time at the start finding out how they would like things to be and what they want for themselves if their new business was successful. We then find ways of helping them to recognise what they can do with what they already have. Just recently, this process helped a client to not invest £30k in premises she didn’t need… and she has started her business with just a few hundred pounds and is already trading successfully.

We simply focus your activities on working out how it is that your products or services help people, and the needs and outcomes you deliver for them. In this way, we can identify the people who need your help either through your products or services, and then we can develop a focused plan that helps you to present yourself to these people in a way that delivers opportunity based in mutual need. Very simple, very effective, and very likely to transform your prospects if we accept you as a client.


"Thanks also for the excellent workshop, which was timely for me. I turned fully freelance (as a trainer, university teacher and deliverer of/trainer of staff to deliver a motivational programme called Goals) 6 years ago, and after a bumpy start I was suddenly booming for 2-3 years, since when business has been declining slowly. It took me until recently to realise that it had been too fortunate a start, in that I had never had to learn how to build the business, and that’s what I’m eagerly doing now, so thanks for the help!"

Nicola Walker
University of Huddersfield